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Frequently Asked CE Questions
CE Support:

I took a CE test and my certificate will not print. What should I do?

Can I use your continuing education courses to renew my license?

I am not a PT (or I’m not yet licensed) but your system is asking for an PT license number. Can I take your tests?

I am trying to create a user account but it won’t accept my username. What am I doing wrong?

Frequently Asked Circulation Questions
Magazine Circulation:
OnCourse Learning Corporation
1721 Moon Lake Blvd., Ste. 540
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
If you are a Physical Therapist living in the USA, depending on your mailing address, you are entitled to receive TodayInPT magazine FREE of charge. Click here to sign up a for a free copy.

How do I get the magazine?

I stopped receiving the magazine. What do I need to do to restart my subscription?

I moved and need to update my address. Who should I contact?

Why do I have to provide my license number?

Why do you need my signature after I have already put in all my information online?

Frequently Asked Online Questions
Online Support:

Where can I find information on advertising rates?

If I post a clients' advertisement online with a credit card, is the cost commissionable?

How do I search online resumes?

I’d like to write for your magazine. How do I get started?

Frequently Asked Sales Questions
OnCourse Learning Corporation Sales:

How do I place an advertisement?

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